Wills & Estates

Wills & Estates

What Is Wills & Estates Law?
In Australia, wills and estates law governs the division of assets including real property, monetary assets, personal property to beneficiaries after a person passes away. Wills and estates law if properly applied can avoid many disputes, claims and demands by the surviving beneficiaries after a person has passed away. You are able to pre-determine exactly how your estate will be divided after your death and thus afford your estate being fought over and wasted by disputing beneficiaries or other parties by making claims, getting into costly and lengthy litigation which may waste your hard earned assets that you have accumulated over a whole lifetime.

How Can My Lawyers Help?
During a time of grief, executors, beneficiaries and other interested parties might might find it difficult to make legally sound decisions. My Lawyers can compassionately guide you through the process of will and estate distribution, making it as fair and stress-free as possible for you and your family.

Executor Duties and Compliance
If you are the executor of a will, My Lawyers are ready and able to advise and help you to ensure that you carry out your duties as executor and fully comply with all of your duties and legal responsibilities so that there are no unpleasant legal consequences or surprises later.

Get Help With Estate Claims Before It’s Too Late
Wills and estates law operates within very strict time frames. Some claims cannot be brought after a certain date (following the death of the will’s testator). As such, it’s imperative that you bring any claims you have to the attention of a wills and estates lawyer immediately after the testator has passed away. If you require legal advice from expert estate planning lawyers, contact My Lawyers today before it's too late.

My Lawyers Have Extensive Wills & Estates Law Experience
My Lawyers have many years of experience working as estate planning lawyers. We can provide competent and comprehensive legal advice in the areas of:

  • Will drafting;

  • Estate planning and distribution;

  • Testamentary trusts;

  • Applying for probate or administration of a will;

  • Application for adjustment of amount (should a will be found to be unfair);

  • Dispute management.

  • Going to court on will claims

Challenging and Contesting A Will
If you are not satisfied with the provision made for you in a will you may wish to challenge or contest the will. My Lawyers are able to advise you and brief expert Barristers to advise and if appropriate make application to court and challenge and contest the will to obtain a fair distribution that should have been made to you.

Take Urgent Action
Contact My Lawyers as a matter of urgency to avoid the numerous pitfalls, serious unforeseen consequences that are usually encountered by unprepared persons in obtaining advice in will and estate planning within time. You are not able to make a will if you lose your legal capacity to make a will due to illness or accident which means that you may pass away with no will which may have severe and unforeseen consequences.

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