Traffic Law & Offenses

Traffic Law & Offenses

What Is Traffic Law?
Traffic law in Australia is governed by the Australian Road Rules (ARRs), which were first established in 1999 by the Australian Transport Council (now known as the Transport and Infrastructure Council). Each province or territory in Australia has its own iteration of the road rules, but the ultimate goal of traffic law is the same throughout Australia: To create a safe driving environment. To that end, traffic laws regulate matters of licensing, set speed limits, place boundaries around unsafe behaviours such as impaired, careless driving and many other areas of safety.

How Can My Lawyers Help?
While the intentions behind traffic law are admirable, these complex laws are sometimes imperfectly applied. If you have been charged with a traffic violation, such as careless driving you are likely to be stressed, confused, and unsure of what to do next. We can help you make sense of the charges that have been brought against you and formulate a plan that ensures you will keep your license.

To Keep Your License, Act Now
If you are at risk of losing your licence due to a traffic law infringement, such as excessive speeding careless or reckless driving, it’s essential that you obtain expert legal advice immediately. Your odds of obtaining fair representation in court will go up substantially if your lawyers have access to all of the information regarding your infringement from “day one.” Furthermore, talking to My Lawyers immediately after your traffic incident will help make sure that no relevant facts are lost. The longer you wait, the more you’re likely to forget and further complicate or adversely affect your case and face serious legal consequences.

My Lawyers Have Extensive Traffic Law Experience
My Lawyers have practiced in the field of traffic law for many years; We are able to take on any traffic charge, no matter how large or small it is. Our expert team of traffic lawyers will assess your situation, work out the details of the charges brought against you. We can help you prepare an effective defense based on the level of hardship losing your license will cause you. Whether you’re interested in contesting a ticket or you’ve been summoned to appear in court, we have the knowledge and if expect bamsters you need to build a successful case.

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