Taxation Offenses

Taxation Offenses

What Do Taxation Offenses Include?
My Lawyer offers legal advice and representation for a wide variety of tax law offenses in the areas of international tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty, GST, income tax and other state and federal taxes.

Tax Payers Responsibility
In Australia, it is the responsibility of the tax payer or organisation to act according to law in their obligations to the tax office (ATO). This is as required by the legislation administered by the Commissioner of Taxation ('Commissioner') who's job is to ensure compliance of taxation laws with penalties and prosecutions.

The Main Taxation Offenses
The main taxation offenses include the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1936, the Taxation Administration Act of 1953, the Fring Benefit Tax Assessment of 1986 and the Sales Tax Assessment of 1992.

More specifically, taxation offenses include making false and misleading statements, failing to correctly keep accounting records, failure to lodge taxation returns or activity statements (BAS) and failure to pay tax or remit the tax deduction of employees.

How Can We Help You?
My Lawyers are versed in all areas of taxation offenses. Our experienced lawyers and expert barristers will ensure you take the right action in your dealings with the tax department. If you are facing any charges, we are able to represent you at Court hearings in order to achieve the best possible outcome in relation to all taxation offenses.

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Contact My Lawyers as a matter of urgency to avoid the numerous pitfalls, serious unforeseen consequences and penalties usually encountered by unprepared clients dealing with taxation offenses.

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