Speeding Fines

Contesting A Speeding Fine Could Save Your License
People often feel that it's impossible to challenge their speeding fines received in the mail. If you have received a speeding fine (or any other fine) in the mail and believe you have been wrongly accused there things you can do to challenge the allegations made against you. Sometimes it might be the case that you know for a fact that you were not speeding or didn't do anything wrong, but you accept it and pay the fine. Sadly, an incorrect driving penalty against you will cost demerit points, a hefty fine and possibly the loss of your license.

How Can My Lawyers Help You?
My Lawyers can review the details of your speeding fine and advise you what is and isn't possible. Firstly we can assist in the writing of letters as ideally we'd prefer to settle speeding fines before making they end up in court. If it is necessary however, all fines can be taken to a Local Court and we will be able to legally represent you in your fight against speeding fines.

Take Urgent Action
Contact My Lawyers as a matter of urgency to have your speeding fine reviewed and to avoid the numerous pitfalls, serious unforeseen consequences of paying hefty fines, demerit points and loss of license.

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