Property Settlements

Property Settlements

Property Settlement by Agreement
Family Law Property Settlements are able to be made amicably or by agreement between the former partners with the assistance of their respective Lawyers.

My Lawyers have extensive experience of over 35 years in dealing with Family Law Property Settlements and Property divisions and have helped many families reach agreement and Settlement, and make significant savings in legal fees and avoid lengthy delays and stress of litigation.

Reaching Agreement
My Lawyers are able to assist you with their extensive experience in reaching agreement with the other party as there might be advantages in doing so such as you are able to make your own choices and decisions.

  • you significantly reduce the financial costs and expenses, emotional stress, delay and inconvenience of legal proceedings

  • you concentrate in continuing your relationship as parents if you have a child or children

  • you are able to move forward faster without stress and make a new start for you and your child or children

  • with correct legal advice you might find that your communication improves with your former partner and you are better able to resolve issues and disputes for the welfare and benefit of yourselves and your child or children

How My Lawyers can help
My Lawyers have extensive experience and would help you to settle your issues and disputes and reach agreement if possible.

My Lawyers are able to formalise the agreement reached between you and your former Partner.  This usually means that you will save significant legal costs and expenses and have certainty so that your best choices might be put into the Agreement rather than waiting for a Court Order with the uncertainty of waiting for a Judicial Officer to decide the case.

Formalise Financial Agreements
My Lawyers are able to formalise Financial Agreements also known as Binding Financial Agreements.

These Agreements are formalised by Applying for Consent Orders in your case where the Court makes Orders in the terms of the Binding Financial Agreement that you and your former partner have agreed upon.

These Binding Financial Agreements however need to be carefully prepared by experienced Lawyers to ensure that they are legally binding and as far as possible not be set aside.

However it is important to remember that a Court can in some circumstances declare the Agreement invalid and set it aside and this is why My Lawyers are best able to provide you with sound, timely legal advice in order for you to obtain the best possible outcome in your special circumstances and as far as possible ensure that it is enforceable and might not be easily set aside by a Court in the future.

Take Urgent Action
Contact My Lawyers as a matter of urgency to avoid the numerous pitfalls, serious unforeseen consequences and penalties usually encountered by unprepared directors or interested parties involved with property settlements.

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