Property Law

Property Law

What Is Property Law?
Australian property law governs the rights, interests,responsibilities and legal rights of individuals and entities in relation to property. “Property” in this instance may mean physical property, such as land or real estate, or intellectual property, such as creative works. Most people seeking the assistance of property lawyers in Australia are hoping to handle matters of conveyance, such as to transfer the legal title of real property (a piece of real estate) from one person to another or grant an encumbrance (such as a mortgage).

How Can My Lawyers Help?
We can assist you in understanding the Torrens system of land registration, which governs most privately owned land in Australia. We can also aid you in dealing with matters regarding unregistered land (general law land). Whether you wish to purchase, sell, or rent out a piece of property, we have the legal expertise you need to do so safely and cost-effectively.

Never Leave Matters Of Property Law To Chance
As soon as you wish to buy or sell a piece of property, you should speak to qualified legal experts, such as My Lawyers. If you fail to do so, you may face a legal emergency that prevents the transaction. For example, it may be revealed that there are encumbrances and restrictions on the property such a Caveat that prevents it from being sold. Additionally, there may be special conditions mentioned in the contract; if these are not met, the sale may fall through. Finally, there are many fees that can surprise you if you do not work with an experienced conveyance lawyer with expertise such as My Lawyers throughout the property transfer process.

My Lawyers Have Extensive Property Law Experience and Expertise
My Lawyers can guide you through all stages of your upcoming property transaction, regardless of whether you are buying or selling a house, unit, piece of vacant land, strata title, or commercial property. We have extensive experience with all matters of Australian property law, such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts;

  • Preparing auction contracts and contracts for private sale;

  • Cost appraisal (including all hidden fees and disbursements);

  • Tax considerations and asset protection;

  • Matters of property tenancy, e.g. joint tenants and tenants in common;

  • Commercial leases;

  • Put and Call Options;

  • Dispute resolution and litigation;

  • Building contracts;

  • Price adjustments;

  • Registration with the Land Titles Office;

  • Preparing Powers of Attorney;

  • Title searches;

  • Caveats;

Whatever your conveyance needs, the experienced and qualified property law lawyers at My Lawyers are ready and able to help you.

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