Building & Planning Law

What is Planning Law?
Planning law generally means obtaining planning permission from a local Council, local planning authority or other Responsible Authority to erect, extend, or build structures be it industrial, commercial or residential and to obtain the requisite planning use for the type of building construction that a company or you wish to undertake.

Do I need Planning Permission?
You might need planning permission to erect a building, extension of a building or a structure prior to commencing any building works.

You should contact you local council or local planning authority or responsible authority as to whether you require planning permission and if so make application to obtain planning permission.

If your application is rejected you might consult My Lawyers on an urgent basis to obtain professional and timely advice.

How Can We Help?
My Lawyers are able to assist you in planning, obtaining planning permission as well as building permits, particularly if a Council or other Responsible Authority has rejected your planning and/or building application. These cases can be reviewed at VCAT or at courts, depending on the type of matter.

Urgent Action on Planning Permission & Building Permits
Councils and Responsible Authorities usually have their own regulations and they may vary from council to council. The Council or Responsible Authority usually makes a determination on a planning and/or building permit which may not satisfactory and this in certain circumstances may be reviewed at VCAT or at court.

However you need to take urgent action as there are usually strict time periods within which to lodge  an appeal and challenge the decision of the Council or Responsible Authority which may be done within the strict time limits at VCAT or at court.

My Lawyers Have Extensive Experience
My Lawyers have extensive experience in obtaining planning permission and building permissions and challenging decisions on change of use application, change of use planning permission, and/or building permits and related terms and conditions.

My Lawyers are ready and able to represent and act on your behalf on the following:

  • Planning laws

  • Building laws

  • Planning permission for extensions

  • VCAT Applications

  • VCAT Appeals from Council decisions

  • Court Appeals

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