What is Mediation.  Mediation is an alternative process to litigation and Court proceedings.  However Mediation may also be ordered during litigation or Court proceedings in order for the parties to formally consider their legal positions in order to try and resolve and settle the dispute without the necessity of going on with a Court Case or a VCAT case unnecessarily and thus saving significant legal costs and expense as well as stress and inconvenience.

How can My Lawyers help
My Lawyers have a sound track record of over 35 years in participating in all levels of Mediation be it pre-litigation mediation or during Court mediation and have represented many plaintiffs and defendants over the years

The Principal Lawyer of My Lawyers has also received Mediation training and qualification in Mediation matters.

Representation at all levels of mediation
My Lawyers are able to represent a party at all levels of Mediation to achieve the best possible outcome and thus avoid unnecessary and costly litigation which might harm his or her financial standing in the event that that party is not successful, avoid delays, stress and inconvenience and arrive to a mediated settlement that that party is able to live with.

Mediation outside Courts and litigation
Litigation is also a useful process in matters that might not immediately involve Courts, litigation or legal proceedings such as disputes and disagreements between directors of companies, trustees, business partners, business transactions and contracts, commercial leases, deceased estates and many other situations where disputes may arise.

Urgent Action
My Lawyers have a track record of providing timely, sound and practical advice to avoid the adversarial process that mediation can cause.

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