Litigation & Courts

Litigation & Courts

My Lawyers have over 35 years extensive, expert and successful experience in relation to litigation and Courts in Australia and in some Courts overseas.

What is Litigation?
Litigation is basically legal proceedings carried out in Courts of Law.   My Lawyers are able to assist you in issuing, defending or being an interested party in all Courts of the Commonwealth of Australia and State of Victoria as well as Tribunals including the following:

.         High Court

.         Federal Court

.         Federal Circuit Court

.         Supreme Court

.         County Court

.         Magistrates Court

.         VCAT

How Can My Lawyers Help
My Lawyers have great experience in Commercial, Civil, Family Law, VCAT and many other sorts of Litigation and have a proven track record of over 35 years in conducting successful litigation in fighting cases or settling them in a variety of Courts and Tribunals including the above.

Take urgent action
If you are considering issuing or defending any legal proceedings we stress that time is of the essence. Take urgent action by contacting My Lawyers as a matter of urgency particularly as time limits apply to filing an Appearance, Defence and other Court documentation to avoid the disappointment of a Plaintiff obtaining a Default Judgement against you if you have been served with legal process.

Cause of Action for Litigation
If you have a cause of action it is extremely important to urgently contact My Lawyers as soon as possible, obtain legal advice if necessary, Brief Counsel to settle a Court Statement of Claim or VCAT Points of Claim in order to commence legal proceedings and obtain Judgement prior to a party leaving the Jurisdiction, becoming insolvent or declaring himself or herself bankrupt.

Get in Touch
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