International Law

International Law

Understanding International Law
We’re living in an increasingly global society. The way we think, work, and socialise is becoming more international every day. While this brings with it a wealth of diversity and opportunity, it also creates the need for a clear and solid international law definition. International lawyers are increasingly being employed to balance the legal needs and obligations of companies, businesses and individuals who are living and trading across borders and are thus subject to various legal systems.

What Is International Law?
It's hard to define international law owing to the fact that, unlike most areas of law, it lacks a defined area or governing body. Instead, the term 'international law refers to a wide variety of laws that regulate the interactions of businesses or individuals across nations and various legal systems. An international lawyer works to uphold the rights and responsibilities of these entities regardless of where they are operating. More specifically, international lawyers typically specialize in one or more of the following areas of legal expertise:

International commerce and transactions  (including imports, exports, matters of distribution, licensing, and franchising).
International law consulting (the provision of legal advice, document and policy drafting, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that a company conforms to local business laws).
Regulatory compliance (putting preventative measures in place so that a company, business or individual does not violate regional laws, health and environmental regulations).
Enforcement of foreign judgments (carrying out an international court order via local courts

International law creates a safe, secure environment in which to do business no matter where you are. Allow the legal experts at My Lawyers to help you protect your assets avoid it falls fine and violations and make intelligent business trading and tax decisions. With our strong background in international trade commerce and economics, we can strategically guide you through the murky waters of international law. With My Lawyers, you can confidently and competently extend the reach of your business and go global with confidence.

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