Guardianship & Administration

Guardianship & Administration

What is Guardianship & Administration
Guardianship & Administration is the process whereby when persons become mentally or legally incapable of looking after their own financial affairs to have a guardian and/or administrator appointed so that that person once recognised is able to deal with the financial and personal affairs of the person who is incapable of looking after his or her own financial and personal affairs.

What Can My Lawyers Do For You?
My Lawyers are able to obtain instructions from family members, friends or interested parties in the affairs of an incapable person or person of mental incapacity lacking legal capacity to look after his/her own financial and personal affairs.

We are able to represent the incapable person and family member or members or friend or friends to make application to VCAT and to obtain appropriate orders in order to protect the safety, well being, financial and personal security and in order to protect the rights and interests of the person who lacks capacity to look after his/her own financial affairs.

Take Urgent Action
If you have a family member or friend who lacks mental capacity or legal capacity you might be able to assist them in taking steps to safeguard their security, financial and personal matters if you act quickly. If no action is taken to assist them they may become vulnerable to unscrupulous persons that might exploit or take improper advantage of the condition of the person lacking capacity. This might have drastic consequences in the future to the welfare and benefit of the person lacking capacity. So taken urgent action by contacting My Lawyers as soon as you become aware of such circumstances.

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