Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Advice
My Lawyers are able to provide estate planning advice. Our team can help you understand the complexities of wills and estates law in Australia and work with you to draft a comprehensive and correct will.

Remember, estate planning is essential, not optional: If your estate is left to chance, your family may face serious consequences later. Additionally, disputes over your assets will almost certainly arise, doing lasting damage to your family’s relationships.

Consequences for Not Carrying Out Estate Planning
If you do not plan your estate, you will have absolutely no control over the distribution of your assets and your estate may be administered by someone you would not choose to appoint. This can easily result in a tragic loss of assets; your spouse, for instance, may be forced to sell the family home after your passing. Don’t take the risk—plan your estate today with My Lawyers.

Will Distribution of an Estate
A Will distributes your personal property to the parties that you select. However, you may have more complex needs, in which case Estate Planning might become an option.

This process includes the appointing of Executors of the Will, determining Power of Attorney arrangements, as well as establishing Testamentary Trusts over the distribution of your property.

Take Urgent Action
Contact My Lawyers as a matter of urgency to avoid the numerous pitfalls, serious unforeseen consequences that are usually encountered by unprepared persons in obtaining advice in will and estate planning within time. You are not able to make a will if you lose your legal capacity to make a will due to illness or accident which means that you may pass away with no will which may have severe and unforeseen consequences.

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