Copyright Law

Copyright Law

Copyright Law Australia: My Lawyers Can Help You Navigate The Digital Age
Along with the new millennium came numerous changes to the copyright law Australia’s businesses and individuals had long been familiar with. Copyright issues surrounding copyright infringement and copyright protection became a subject of intense debate as music copyright laws and photo copyright protection were widely flouted by digital distributors. Many people were left wondering: It is even possible to effectively copyright songs, copyright images, copyright music, and copyright photos (or copyright artwork) anymore? And what about website copyright—can you really protect your web content against intellectual property theft?

What Is Copyright Law? A Basic Copyright Definition And Intellectual Property Rights Definition
Copyright is “the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.” There are several different aspects to IP (intellectual property) and copyright law, however:

Copyright And Intellectual Property

  • Copyright law definition: Copyright law protects original works created by an individual. Copyright lawyers typically protect creative intellectual property like artwork, music, and photography from unauthorised use.

  • Patent law definition: Patent law protects inventions (including words, phrases, symbols, and other designs) and discoveries. An intellectual property lawyer will enforce an intellectual property agreement or intellectual property contract made between individuals or businesses.

  • Trademark definition: A trademark lawyer works to uphold IP trademark. Trademark is used to identify and distinguish goods and services so that one business’s goods and services cannot be used by another business.

In order to obtain full copyright protection, ideally you should register copyright on your product, idea, etc. to record the date on which you created your IP. You may need to decide on a copyright name for your IP and a copyright business name if you are launching a new business.

Getting Help From An Intellectual Property Law Firm
Need more copyright information? My Lawyers are here to help you understand intellectual property policy and troubleshoot your intellectual property issues. Whether you’re wondering how to copyright a name, how to copyright a song, or how to copyright something else (e.g. copyright website content), we’ll explain to you how to get copyright protection that will ensure your intellectual property is secure.

We also advise and represent parties in disputes, litigation and/or mediation of copyright matters striving to best protect and advise the rights and interest of our clients.

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