Conveyancing, Commercial & Residential Property Sale and Purchase

Conveyancing, Commercial & Residential Property Sale and Purchase

My Lawyers have over 35 years of extensive experience in Conveyancing involving all types of property law such as commercial, industrial, shops, offices or residential property. We also recognize that the purchase or sale of a home is often the single most important legal and financial transaction which many people are likely to carry out during their lives.

Entities & Individuals / Sale & Purchase
My Lawyers act for large commercial entities as well as individuals and aim to simplify the conveyancing process, whether dealing with auctions, private sales or purchases involving all types of property.

Problems in Buying & Selling
At My Lawyers we appreciate that many problems may be encountered during the course of buying or selling a property. Our experienced legal team has the knowledge and practical experience to advise you on the best way to seek to avoid the common pitfalls before they arise saving you time, money, stress and potential costly litigation.

Complete Conveyancing Service
My Lawyers provide a complete conveyancing service including:

  • Acting for companies and individuals in the sale of all types of properties

  • Acting for companies and individuals in the purchase of all types of properties

  • Contracts of Sale of Real Estate for Auctions and Private Sales

  • Vendor’s Statement or “Section 32 Statement”

  • Attending Auctions to bid for Purchasers

  • Advice on stamp duty

  • Liaising with Estate Agents and others for successful sales

  • Adverse possession

  • Liaising with lodging agents, Land Titles Office, State Revenue Office, banks and other financial institutions

  • Contracts and agreements in any way related to conveyancing or property transactions

  • Litigation and disputes in any way related to or arising from conveyancing or property transactions

  • Legal or conveyancing services required when establishing a business, purchasing a business or selling a business

  • Business premises services relating to conveyancing

  • Leases (including retail leases and disclosure statements), sub-leases, transfers and assignments of leases and surrender of leases

The team at My Lawyers seek to take the stress out of such transactions with a view of achieving a smooth transition to settlement at reasonable cost pursuant to your instructions.

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