Contract Law

Contract Law

What Is Contract Law? Offer And Acceptance Contract Law Explained
In order to define contract law, we must first answer the question, “What is a contract?” Contract law in Australia differs from that of many other nations, so it’s important to understand what constitutes a contract on a national level.

An Introduction To The Law Of Contract: Contract Law Legislation In Australia

What Is A Common Law Contract?
A contract is more than just a spoken agreement between two people. You cannot, for example, be found guilty of breach of contract simply because you agreed to help your friend mow his lawn on the weekend and then didn’t show up. While Australia does have verbal contract law, it only applies to legally binding contexts such as employment contract law. If, for example, an employer agrees to hire a new employee and then does not honour the verbal contract agreement (as in, any of the contract terms of the service agreement), a contract dispute may be opened. This unique type of business contract is known as a common law contract.

Commercial Contracts: Written Contract Law Examples
More familiar contract examples include written contract documents between employers and employees and between businesses and clients. This is the recommended contract format as written contract documents are easier for contract lawyers to analyse. It’s much simpler to prove when a business has acted in breach of contract law when the agreement contract has been clearly and tangibly set forth.

If you own a business and want to know how to make a contract, we strongly urge you to speak to a contract lawyer before making any legal contracts. A lawyer can provide you with a legal contract template so you can make a thorough contract form that protects your interests.

Consideration Contract Law: Adding Value To A Standard Contract
Consideration in contract law is the price paid for the promise of the other party. As defined by the Victoria Law Handbook, “The price must be something of value, although it need not be money.” Contract law consideration, “May be some right, interest or benefit going to one party or some forbearance, detriment, loss or responsibility given, suffered or undertaken by the other party.”

Consideration is applied to non-commercial contracts such as leases. Note, however, that consideration does not apply to documents under seal (deeds). Deeds are binding even without consideration.

Before You’re Contracted Or Make An Offer Of Contract, Get Legal Help
Speaking in legal terms, there is no such thing as a simple contract. In addition to the above factors, these are other legal issues to consider, such as misrepresentation contract law. This law of contract states that a contract is void if someone has been led into agreement by a false statement. It does not take a great leap of imagination to guess how difficult misrepresentation can be to prove or disprove.

If you have looked into various contract law cases examples, you know how complicated contract law can get. To protect your business (or personal financial interests, as the case may be), work closely with the experienced legal deal at My Lawyers being qualified contract lawyers before creating or entering into contract documents.

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