Construction Law

Construction Law

My Lawyers: Construction Lawyers Australia’s Builders and Owners Can Trust
Construction law in Australia is complex and ever-evolving—That’s why you need the assistance of a proficient, professional construction lawyer if you are a builder or owner.

Our team of construction lawyers are prepared to represent clients of all sizes who operate at all levels of the construction industry. Whether you are a builder, owner, supplier, lender, contractor, construction manager, mortgagee, or the owner of a business within the construction field, our building and construction lawyers will be happy to serve you.

Understanding Construction Law: What Does A Construction Lawyer Do?
Building and construction lawyers work closely with their clients to inform them of their legal rights. They endeavour to both prevent and resolve building disputes, planning issues, delay and acceleration claims, bond disputes, and construction liens and litigation. They provide advice and assistance to clients who are in the process of drafting contracts. Furthermore, construction dispute lawyers represent builders and owners in dispute and employers in labour disputes.

Legal issues often arise within the construction industry following a breach of building agreements. Violation of contract stipulations, damage, claims, design disputes (usually over alleged design changes or variations) claims concerning credits, warranties, insurance, payments, etc., or assertions of negligence on behalf on consulting engineers and architects. Additionally, environmental conditions may lead to legal complications; claims are sometimes made in relation environmentally hazardous materials and the presence of undisclosed soil contamination on a building site. Construction law firms must therefore be knowledgeable and offer legal and practice solutions to avoid costly litigation in a diverse array of different construction- related legal niches.

The My Lawyers Promise
If you choose to work with My Lawyers, you will quickly be put in touch with our construction lawyers. Our legal team specialises in proactively working with construction professionals expert, engineers, architects, consultants and expert witnesses to provide expert, convenient and cost-efficient representation. Our lengthy and varied body of experience allows us to offer sound legal, practical advice and salient solutions in all aspects of construction law. Regardless of the nature of your unique needs and circumstances, we are ready and able to you to ensure a safe, secure, and hassle-free future for your construction-related matters and issues.

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