Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution alternative to litigation
There are many areas where Conflict Resolution may be a better alternative than commencing litigation in a Court or Tribunal.

My Lawyers have extensive experience in dispute or conflict resolution between a variety of opposing parties including companies, individuals, trusts or other entities that might have disagreements, disputes and are alleging that they have suffered a loss or damage.

My Lawyers act for companies, trusts, partnerships and individuals in numerous disputes and conflicts.

How My Lawyers Can Help
My Lawyers have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution and are able to offer a variety of options to resolving a dispute or disagreement without going to a Court or Tribunal.

My Lawyers are able to provide you with timely, sound and appropriate legal advice as well as practical advice in many instances to avoid costly and stressful litigation and commence an alternative dispute resolution process in order to amicably resolve the dispute or disagreement by having Without Prejudice discussions with other parties and their lawyers in order to resolve and settle disputes and disagreements.

My Lawyers have a track record of assisting parties to settle
It is generally understood that Australian Courts work on an adversarial legal process where each party is represented by a lawyer or may even be self represented in order to best argue their case before a Court or Tribunal.

The adversarial Court process
This legal process is usually complex, costly, stressful and inconvenient for all parties involved and parties should obtain advice and help from My Lawyers to assist or simplify this process.

Urgent Action
My Lawyers have a track record of providing timely, sound and practical advice to avoid the adversarial process and their clients save significant legal costs and expense as well as stress and inconvenience by settling matters and disputes.

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