What is Liquidation?

Liquidation means, when a company has gone through insolvency and a liquidator has been appointed pursuant to a court order or has gone into voluntary liquidation so that the company has been liquidated (in effect bankruptcy of a company).

How Can We Help?
My Lawyers are able to advise directors before the company is liquidated either by a voluntary liquidation or a court liquidation.

Directors might also wish to obtain legal advice in the event that they want to set aside the liquidation and re-instate the company as a growing concern through obtaining appropriate court orders.

Urgent Action Prior to or After Liquidation
My Lawyers are able to obtain instructions prior to liquidation in order to save the company as a going concern if possible.

They are also able to assist after liquidation and prepare briefs, to expert barristers to settle applications, affidavits and other court documents appear on behalf of the directors, in order to obtain appropriate orders to set aside the liquidation and re-instate the company as a going concern.

We Are Experienced Lawyers in Liquidation
My Lawyers have many years experience dealing with liquidation cases and are ready and able to act on your behalf and represent you in any liquidation matters in order for you to obtain the best possible outcome depending on your liquidation case or circumstances.

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