VCAT Claims & VCAT Orders

VCAT Claims & VCAT Orders

My Lawyers with their extensive experience in VCAT matters are ready and able to assist you in making claims for orders or defending claims for orders under the Fair Trading Act. The following list is only some of the areas that we may assist you with as there are many other areas not listed:

  • Debts

  • Motor vehicle purchase, panel beating and mechanical repair parts and services

  • Building disputes, renovations and extensions to homes, office, shops and business premises

  • Landscaping, concreting, paving, flooring, tiling and carpet laying services

  • Cars, motorcycles, caravans and other vehicles

  • Boats and marine services

  • Household goods including furniture purchase and repairs and service to electrical and white goods, computers, photocopiers etc

  • Furniture removal and storage services

  • Wedding, hairdressing, video, photography, dressmaking, reception and restaurant services

  • Travel services and holiday accommodation

  • Gas, electricity, water, sewerage and telecommunications

  • Dry cleaning

  • Introduction agencies

  • Funeral and stone masonry services

  • Pets and livestock

  • Contract to purchase, sell or rent real estate

  • Claims against professionals (including doctors, lawyers and real estate agents)

  • Goods purchased that are faulty or unsatisfactory services rendered

  • Insurance claims against insurance companies

  • Misleading or deceptive conduct, false representation and unconscionable conduct

  • Loss, injury or damage because of a contravention of the Fair Trading Act 1999

  • Injunction requiring someone to stop or to do something

  • Declaration of unfair terms in consumer contracts

  • Unconscionable conduct in trade or commerce in connection with supply or possible supply of goods or services.

Some orders VCAT can make:

  • Payment of money

  • Work to be done

  • Return of goods

  • Payment of damages

  • Payment of exemplary damages

  • Order payment by way of restitution

  • Review or vary a contract

  • Order to comply with a contract

  • Cancellation (rescission) of a contract

  • Declare a debt is or is not owing

  • Order a party to do or not to do something

  • Declare a term of a consumer contract unjust

Guardianship & Administration
See Guardianship & Administration under Wills and Estates.

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