Civil Dispute Cases

Civil Dispute Cases

My Lawyers have extensive experience in many types of civil disputes. If you are in a dispute about the supply of goods or services, My Lawyers may be able to help you resolve the dispute and if not successful apply to VCAT to try to settle your dispute with the other party.

Supply Disputes

A party can apply to VCAT to resolve a dispute with:

  • a supplier or possible supplier;

  • a purchaser or possible purchaser;

  • the supply or possible supply;

  • purchase or possible purchase of goods and services;

Services must be supplied in trade or commerce and may include some claims relating to interests in real estate.

Fair Trading

Disputes may also include damages for breach of the provisions of the Fair Trading Act 1999 that occurred in trade or commerce. 'Anyone' includes:

  • traders

  • companies

  • businesses

  • consumers

  • individuals

and regardless of whether the goods or services are for private or business use.

What are the time limits for applying?

You must bring claims under the Fair Trading Act 1999 within 6 years of the dispute.

Motor Car Disputes

Claims under the Motor Car Traders Act 1986 must be made within 3 months. There is no limit to the amount you can claim. The person(s) you are making this claim against may counterclaim for the money you owe them.

Take Urgent Action

Contact My Lawyers as a matter of urgency to avoid the numerous pitfalls, serious unforeseen consequences and penalties usually encountered by unprepared directors or interested parties involved with civil disputes.

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