Building Cases, Litigation & Disputes

Building Cases, Litigation & Disputes

What are Building Cases?
Building cases are any matters in dispute arising as a result of building and construction, contracts, agreements or activities in the building of industrial commercial or residential buildings.

How Can We Help?
My Lawyers have extensive experience in building and construction cases, litigation and disputes. We are able to provide quality legal advice to advise to assist you and your company, business, or yourself in a timely manner in dealing with any litigation or disputes in building and construction cases.

Urgent Action
If you have any building matters or disputes that require attention it is strongly advisable for you to take urgent action and not leave these matters unattended as they can have devastating and unforeseen circumstances.

Experienced Lawyers in Building Cases
My Lawyers are experienced in dealing with building case litigation and disputes in various courts and tribunals including the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Magistrates Court, County Court, Supreme Court, Federal Magistrates Court and Federal Court in the following areas:

  • Property owners having disputes with builders

  • Building and construction cases

  • Subcontracting cases

  • Insurance cases and disputes

  • Commercial litigation and disputes

  • Disputes with suppliers, customers and clients

  • Litigation and disputes under any type of contract or agreement

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

My Lawyers Highly Experienced Team Are Ready & Able to Act
Our highly experienced commercial litigation and dispute resolution team dealing with building cases and disputes are ready and able to act for you and take urgent action to utilize all legal and available avenues to assist your company, business or yourself to resolve your building cases disputes in the best possible and most favourable manner according to law.

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